The People’s Climate March and the Sacrament of the Group

An example of what I mean by the Sacrament of the Group could be found in New York City last Sunday at the People’s Climate March.   I was not present but some of my friends were, and they reported that there was an electricity in the air that shot through the participants, as 300,000 strong, they marched through Manhattan chanting, singing, playing instruments.   They came back so high from the exchange of energies that it was hard to get them back to the mundane level the rest of us are living on. It was exhilarating, it was exhausting. They told me that they are convinced that the last 40 minutes were possible only because of the superhuman efforts of the Berea Drum Corps, a fantastic group of young people whose charismatic leader kept them pounding those drums as the people around them cheered and watched their moves in utter amazement.   The drummers were feeding off the crowd and the crowd was feeding off them.

It was an unforgettable event for anyone who was there, and we can only hope that something positive will come of it.  Hold your governments’ feet to the fire!

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