Catholic Bishops to Gays and Divorcees: Read your Bibles, Dammit!

So in the end the synod in Rome rejected the paragraphs on making life easier for gays within the Catholic Church and for those who want to divorce and remarry.   Over 50% of the bishops and cardinals voted for the changes, but a two-thirds vote was needed. Why two-thirds?   Good question. I don’t know who makes the rules, or who can change them.   Presumably the Pope can, because he’s infallible, isn’t he? In fact , all you really need is one vote—the Pope’s, if he played the God-card, as in “I prayed very hard on this and the message I received was….”

Oh well, that didn’t happen….what are you gonna do… As I wrote before a few days ago, it’s there in black and white (and red if you have one of those Bibles where Jesus’ words stand out in scarlet).   And Jesus did say it, folks—no divorce!!   And it’s in Leviticus: no homosexuality. And Romans—no lesbians either. It’s called an abomination. So isn’t it simple? You either believe in the Bible or you don’t. If you’re satisfied with the teachings of the Bible, good luck to you. But if you think the evidence is clear that some men are born to love other men, and some women born to love other women, then you cannot also accept the Bible as your moral guide in this, and the implication would be, you shouldn’t accept it in anything else.   The moral compass must come from elsewhere. That’s where the interesting questions really begin: how do we create a moral code apart from a sacred text? That’s the subject of my book, Seven Sacraments for Everyone.

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