A Muslim as President? What about an Atheist?

Ben Carson is catching a lot of flak about his remark that a Muslim should never be President of the United States–and rightly so.   But if you asked “Could an Atheist be President?”  how many Republican candidates would say, “Of course”?  Not many I suspect. Nor would many Republican voters. Or Democrats. Or anyone.  The number of atheists in Congress currently is one less than the number of Socialists.  That would be zero, though a year ago the American Humanist Association said there are 24 closeted unbelievers in that august body of lawmakers.   Letting the country know you’re an atheist is worse than being gay, worse than being Muslim, worse than–well, perhaps there’s nothing worse in the minds of our fellow citizens who see immorality writ large on the foreheads of these infidels.  I don’t think you could even get someone who professed to be a Humanist into an elected position in Washington.  Sounds suspicious.    Let’s hope some enterprising journalist puts the atheist question to these guys before the teachable moment passes.

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