6 Formulas for Peace: Which Do You Think Works?

1) Divine Right.  God gave us this land. He means for us to have it. Accept that or we’ll kill you until you do.

2) Divine Love.  God wants us to love each other, so let’s not fight.

2) Social Justice.  Forget God. We’re all brothers and sisters. Let’s learn to live together by dividing up our resources fairly and not get hung up about who owns what.

3) Partition.  You are different than me and that’s never going to change. So let’s draw a line:  you live on that side, I’ll live on this side. You can do whatever you want over there, as long as you don’t make problems for me, and vice versa.

4) Current Practice.   A: That was mine and you took it. Give it back or I’ll kill you.

B: It wasn’t yours it was mine. Go away or I’ll kill you.

A: If you try to kill me I’ll get all my friends to kill you, you thief!

B: I’ll do the same, you coward!

A: Bully!

B: Fascist!

5: Deterrence.   Leave us alone or we have a weapon that will destroy everyone in your country.

Hint: None of these will ever work unless we control population growth because too many people inevitably will mean too little food, water, and shelter. Once that happens, the people have to go somewhere to survive. The Romans were two-thirds right on what the masses need: bread and circuses they got. Now add condoms or we’re doomed.

For further reading: A Lost Parable: The Sin of Contraception


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