Immigration: The Problem That Will Never Go Away

Hey, does it seem like the immigration issue just will not die?  Wow, it keeps coming back into the news over and over again, doesn’t it…. But maybe now with all the outrage about the children snatched from the arms of their parents we’ll get a law that will solve the problem and…

No, sorry–that ain’t gonna happen, folks!  Even if we do get a law of some kind to address the current concerns, that’s not going to address the root of the problem.   If you think migrants are  dominating the airwaves now, wait a few years.  The desire of families to leave their home country and brave the oceans, the deserts, the elements, the brigands along the road, the sentinels at the border, and the xenophobes in the promised land will only grow more desperate—and why? For three main reasons:

1) Ever-increasing numbers of people competing for resources

2) Climate change making it more difficult to grow food and have access to water

3) Civil unrest because of 1 and 2, leading to the violence of gangs, warlords, rebellions

If you were a family living in a region under stress from this unholy triad, you would do whatever it took to get somewhere—anywhere—where you could make a living in peace and have a better chance for your children to survive.  So no one should be surprised that people are on the move and will continue to be.  So, how are we ever going to prevent the heartbreaking scenes of the past weeks, months and years, scenes of refugees fleeing their impoverished, war-torn, gang-dominated countries only to be herded into prisons, tent cities, and shanty towns?

The most difficult challenge is the climate.  Since so many American leaders are unwilling to face the truth about this disaster-in-the-making and pass laws that will wean us of fossil fuels, the best we can do is to start preparing for the lack of water, the rise of sea levels, the desiccation of certain regions of the earth and figure out in advance where these poor people are going to go as their island homes disappear or their aquifers dry up.  Without a plan, it will be chaos, or more like the Apocalypse as people get more and more desperate to simply survive.  The UN should get on this, now.

But the real key has to be population control, which is one of the causes of both the second and third problems listed above.   If you haven’t figured that out yet then you are part of the problem.  You, yes you, in effect, are one of the ones who will be creating those scenes on the borders around the world, of children and their parents risking everything to find a better life.   Unless you think you can prevent births by trusting to male celibacy, then start sending money to Planned Parenthood, Pathfinder International, and other organizations that offer contraceptive advice, and, yes, abortions.  Too many children born today are going to die of starvation or drown on a boat crossing the Mediterranean or be forced into a concentration camp in Texas.  Every birth should be a time of joy, a sacrament, and that means working to ensure that families, communities, and entire nations will have the means to support each child in a healthy way.  Every child should be a wanted child, but more than that, a child who has a chance at a good life.  There is no way to ensure that without limiting the population.



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