Seven Sacraments for Everyone

“The Midwife” by Loren Entz

by Dale F. Coye

Millions of people around the globe are on a spiritual quest.  Some find the answer in Jesus  or Mohammed or in New Age beliefs, but many have found nothing.  Organized religion seems absurd to them, steeped in superstition.  But can we instill a feeling of reverence and a strong ethical foundation without a church, mosque, or temple?  The need for an answer to this question is especially urgent at a time when our world seems to be in moral decline.  Our airwaves are filled with vitriol, our screens with increasingly crude images, senseless shooting sprees take place with disturbing regularity, suicide bombings in the Middle East, kidnapped girls in Nigeria…

Is anything left that is sacred?

Seven Sacraments for Everyone uses the Catholic sacraments as a point of departure to discover a new way of thinking about what is sacred, a shift from the focus on ritual and dogma to those transcendent life experiences that lie at the heart of what it means to be human.   It is not the rite of baptism, but the birth of a child that is holy; not anointing the sick, but the profound spiritual connections forged by death; not the wedding ceremony, but the divine sexual intimacy we find in the arms of those we truly love.  If we fail to recognize and honor these moments as sacraments, we turn our backs on the soul of our humanity, and risk sliding back into a life that is “brutish, nasty, and short.”  This book is a roadmap to our higher selves, a moral code for those millions unhappy with the faith of their fathers and a way to connect with anyone of any faith.  It offers a creed we can all believe in, rooted in human experience, beyond the intangibles of an afterlife or a creator.

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